Engineering Services Coordinator

Provide our client with primary support in the assimilation, preparation, and recording of project documents, in accordance with engineering procedures and practices. Project documents include procurement, construction and service contracts; schedules, cost tracking worksheets, procurement requests and other related documentation and processes. Provide ancillary support to Purchasing, Auditing and Legal Departments to assure compliance of such documents with Cooperative and RUS policies and procedures.


????????? Associates Degree in Business or equivalent experience, with a minimum of four years of Business or Industry related experience, including two years? direct experience working in a Technical or Engineering environment.

????????? High level of computer skills to include word processing, spreadsheet, databases, etc. Demonstrated proficiency in database management.

????????? Technical writing skills and a thorough understanding of specification formatting, with ability to type a minimum of 40 wpm.

????????? Excellent customer service and organizational skills.

????????? Self-motivated, willing to learn and take on new challenges.

????????? Proficient in business English, communication and composition of correspondence. Demonstrated ability to compose documents accurately from hand and type written notes.

????????? Can apply logical thinking and problem-solving to business processes.

????????? Basic understanding of SharePoint and SAP information management software.


????????? Promote uniformity and consistency in contracts, specifications, service agreements and other documents generated within the Engineering division.

????????? Assemble and process procurement documents for bid based on being provided a technical specification or requirement by engineering staff.

????????? Generate conformed copies of specifications.

????????? Maintain standard technical specifications, terms and conditions, and contracts and assist with the writing and development of new and custom specifications under the direction of the engineering and legal staff and in compliance with RUS and company standards.

????????? Maintain understanding of the intent of company and industry terms and conditions language.

????????? Coordinate incoming project emails to enable easy access for Project Managers.

????????? Provide processing, renewal, and tracking of book and subscription purchases for the Cooperative.

????????? Assist in the management of project sites on SharePoint, for the storage of project documents and drawings, as projects are opened and closed.

????????? Assist Engineering and Records Center staff with event registration and travel arrangements according to Cooperative policies and procedures.

????????? Update technical library materials and coordinate resources in multiple locations.



????????? Provide support to the Engineering departments, which includes: filing, typing, copying, answer phones, and order supplies as needed.

????????? Provide support to engineering staff for all manner of technical writing as well as specifications.

????????? Provide additional support to the Manager of Engineering for such administrative items as budgeting, Construction Work Plan, etc.

????????? Review documents prepared by the Engineering and Records Center staff to assure conformance with ?Administrative Support Guidelines?.

????????? Manage and maintain Project and Engineering Files including electronic files.

????????? Provide backup support to Records Coordinator/Specialist as needed.


????????? Organizing existing terms and conditions, technical specifications and other information to facilitate assembly of standardized bid packages and other contract documents.

????????? Working with multiple projects and priorities.


????????? Business Information Manager

????????? Manager of Engineering Division

????????? Project Engineers/Project Managers

????????? Manager of Purchasing

????????? Legal Counsel


Recommend and advise on:

????????? Contract specification formatting

????????? Project schedules and status

????????? Engineering and Record Center business processes


????????? Bid packages, conformed contracts and other documents prepared as scheduled and necessary.

????????? Project support activities complete and accurate.

????????? Work completed accurately.

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